Samantha Humphrey and Jane Espenson

Disney/ABC TV Writing Panel at WonderCon 2013

Writer photo

Fox Writers Intensive Takes Over for Fox Writers Initiative, Names Second Class

2013 Golden Globes in Total Detail: Highlights and Lowlights. And Diversity?

2013 Golden Globes in Delicious Detail: Highlights and Lowlights. And Diversity?

Hyphen Gizmo Gift Guide


Films Highlight Human Rights

Documentary “Codebreaker” About Persecuted War Hero

Documentary “Codebreaker” About Persecuted War Hero

The Brahmin and the Tiger

Call for Lionhearted Help for “The Brahmin and the Tiger”

Blacklava Lights up Asian America for 20 Years


SAG-AFTRA Survey on Diversity in Entertainment


“Love Free or Die” Film Review: The Schism of Humanity and Religion

On Screen & On Scene: ‘Somewhere Between’

La Jolla’s ‘Nightingale’ Doesn’t Sing and Apology Doesn’t Sway Many APIAs

Comic-Con 2012

Diverse Details for San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Fangirl Professor Back on the Scene


“Call Me Kuchu” Documentary Shows Courage in the Face of Bigotry, Murder


Anderson Cooper Comes Out

On Screen & On Scene: ‘G-Dog’


2012 L.A. Film Fest Starts Up with Tons on the Menu


Child’s Anti-Gay Song in Church Video: Prosecute for Child Abuse?

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