Kardashian Self-Obsession and Presidential Preferences: Michelle Obama Reveals President’s Parental Policy

Newton & Bachmann on FOX News

Bachmann-Newton Vegas Hug: Is Plastic Surgery the New Mind-Alterer?

Occupy L.A. protesters

API Call to Occupy L.A.

“We Do” Campaign Video Goes at Least a Little Viral

Same-Sex Couples Apply for Marriage Licenses in NC: Must-See Video

AL state flag

Latino/Hispanic Alabamans Protest Immigration Law. Shops Close, Kids Stay Home

New Muppet Lily 2

New Muppet? Sort of. Food-Insecure Lily Appears, Disappears

Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth

NPR Interview with Late Civil Rights Leader Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth. Video, too

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman Slams Tea Party: Did He Sink or Float “Dolphin Tale”?

Troy Davis, Google News

Troy Davis Dead/Killed/Murdered?

Celebrating DADT demise

Military Says Do Ask, Do Tell; Meanwhile, HBO Documentary “The Strange History of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Looks Deeper

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood, Gay Marriage, “J. Edgar” the Movie: The Wrap and Reuters Downplay Eastwood’s Comments

San Marino

San Marino Targeted by Aryan Group

Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh Oscar Buzz

Farmworkers Justice report

Guest Workers Abused and Unprotected: New Report

President Obama on tour

Obama Administration Deportations: Change of Heart Affects 300,000

Latinos protest immigration policies

Latinos Rally Tuesday: Against Obama? On Deportations, Yes

What people would cut

Create Jobs or Cut Spending? What People Really Want

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