"A Better Life" poster

Undocumented Workers & the Movies: Story of “A Better Life”‘s Oscar Quest

Orlando Jones

Orlando Jones, on Twitter, Jokes About Killing Sarah Palin. WTF?

Herman Cain sticker

First, Savage vs. Santorum. Is Herman Cain Next, Post-Piers Morgan Appearance?


Kardashian Self-Obsession and Presidential Preferences: Michelle Obama Reveals President’s Parental Policy

Newton & Bachmann on FOX News

Bachmann-Newton Vegas Hug: Is Plastic Surgery the New Mind-Alterer?

Occupy L.A. protesters

API Call to Occupy L.A.

“We Do” Campaign Video Goes at Least a Little Viral

Same-Sex Couples Apply for Marriage Licenses in NC: Must-See Video

AL state flag

Latino/Hispanic Alabamans Protest Immigration Law. Shops Close, Kids Stay Home

New Muppet Lily 2

New Muppet? Sort of. Food-Insecure Lily Appears, Disappears

Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth

NPR Interview with Late Civil Rights Leader Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth. Video, too

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman Slams Tea Party: Did He Sink or Float “Dolphin Tale”?

Troy Davis, Google News

Troy Davis Dead/Killed/Murdered?

Celebrating DADT demise

Military Says Do Ask, Do Tell; Meanwhile, HBO Documentary “The Strange History of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Looks Deeper

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood, Gay Marriage, “J. Edgar” the Movie: The Wrap and Reuters Downplay Eastwood’s Comments

San Marino

San Marino Targeted by Aryan Group

Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh Oscar Buzz

Farmworkers Justice report

Guest Workers Abused and Unprotected: New Report

President Obama on tour

Obama Administration Deportations: Change of Heart Affects 300,000

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